Included with evo

10 Year Guarantee
*50 Year + Life Expectancy

Dissemble & Relocatable *designed to move

Serial Number Ownership
*Barcode & Spec

Buy 1 – Buy 10
Resort & Airbnb TurnKey Solution

Keyless Smart Entry 3-in-1


*optional Accessories

Roof Mount Solar Panels *expandable

TOTO Full Split Bathroom Design

*Minimalist Kitchen
*evo 2,3,4

LG Smart AC Watt Control
*Depends on Country Delivery

King Size Bed Comfort


*WIFI ready
*local subscription 

IP CCTV Entrance 

Soundproofing/ Ultra Waterproof **sleep thru a storm design *double layer glass

Energy Smart LED Lighting
*exterior lights included
*on/off sensors

Universal International Sockets

Pantry Microwave

Aviation Aluminium Structure *7-series High Grade & Recycleable

Earthquake Proof Honeycomb Paneling
*aerospace design

Thermal Insulated
*Cold & Heat

Reusable & Recycled Components

Suite Desk / Workstation

Responsible Sourcing

Back Up Solar Energy
*Optional Kwh upgrades available

Efficient Hot Water tank

Double Sliding Patio Doors
*optional single/double

Outdoor Decking & Canopy
*available 2 to 6 meter
*Read Add-On or pre-assembled

*2 Stage Water Filtration
*Based on area water survey
*optional Accessories

Window Solar Reflective / privacy technology
*Included in all Prestige & Plus models

*Bluetooth Compatible sound
*optional Accessories

Safety /Safe Box
*Fits Mac 15Pro & Docs

Portable Pantry Fire Extinguisher **Per local regularity standard

Airbnb Linen Storage

*Prefab Pools Ready to match
*Chlorine free 8 day Set up

Landscape Ready Raided Deck
*Land Survey Excluded

Roof Solar Hot Water Heater

 Hidden Laundry 2-in-1
Wash & Dry 9/6kg

Nespresso Machine

Assemble Disassemble”

Generator Back-Up (diesel) *Optional

Some Key Standard Features & Options You Will Find in evo Suites®

  • Smart Air Flow Building Design  *Limit AC Usage + Smart LED Lighting
  • Hidden Compartments & Storage Spaces / Cabinets  & Guest “Sofa Beds” (Hide-a-Beds)
  • USB & International / Universal power Plug + Water Filtration tap water system

What is not Included in
an evo SUITES® Standard Purchase

evo Price List

*EPL / evo SUITES® include a 5/10 year workmanship & Design Warranty”

“Delivery and seamless Fast-assembly”

Production/ Unit Serial Numbers & Tracking Plate

*on every unit delivery to Track Warranty & Production,  Order Specification. eg, “evo 1” #E11115.19.100102S1 #E11115.19.100103S1  #E11115.19.100104S1      #E11115.19.100105S1    #E11115.19.100106S1   #…107S1,   #…108S1,   #…1009S1  #…1010S1,   #…1011S1,   #..1012S1 ,   #… 1013S1, #…1014S1,  #… 1015S1,   #…1016S1,   #…1017S1   #…1018S1   #…1019S1

Assembly on Site


Payment & Order Process

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