Included with evo


10 Year Guarantee
*50 Year + Life Expectancy

Dissemble & Relocatable *designed to move

Serial Number Ownership
*Barcode & Spec

Buy 1 – Buy 10
Resort & Airbnb TurnKey Solution

Keyless Smart Entry 3-in-1


*optional Accessories

Roof Mount Solar Panels *expandable

TOTO Full Split Bathroom Design

*Minimalist Kitchen
*evo 2,3,4

LG Smart AC Watt Control
*Depends on Country Delivery

King Size Bed Comfort


*WIFI ready
*local subscription 

IP CCTV Entrance 

Soundproofing/ Ultra Waterproof **sleep thru a storm design *double layer glass

Energy Smart LED Lighting
*exterior lights included
*on/off sensors

Universal International Sockets

Pantry Microwave

Aviation Aluminium Structure *7-series High Grade & Recycleable

Earthquake Proof Honeycomb Paneling
*aerospace design

Thermal Insulated
*Cold & Heat

Reusable & Recycled Components

Suite Desk / Workstation

Responsible Sourcing

Back Up Solar Energy
*Optional Kwh upgrades available

Efficient Hot Water tank

Double Sliding Patio Doors
*optional single/double

Outdoor Decking & Canopy
*available 2 to 6 meter
*Read Add-On or pre-assembled

*2 Stage Water Filtration
*Based on area water survey
*optional Accessories

Window Solar Reflective / privacy technology
*Included in all Prestige & Plus models

*Bluetooth Compatible sound
*optional Accessories

Safety /Safe Box
*Fits Mac 15Pro & Docs

Portable Pantry Fire Extinguisher **Per local regularity standard

Airbnb Linen Storage

*Prefab Pools Ready to match
*Chlorine free 8 day Set up

Landscape Ready Raided Deck
*Land Survey Excluded

Roof Solar Hot Water Heater

 Hidden Laundry 2-in-1
Wash & Dry 9/6kg

Nespresso Machine

Assemble Disassemble”

Generator Back-Up (diesel) *Optional

Scandavian Minimalist Design
& Quality Furnishings Colors to Match

Stormy Cloud
*Stormy Cloud
Graphite Silver
*Graphite Silver
Resort Blue
**Resort Blue
Ruby Red
**Ruby Red
Teal Green
**Teal Green
*Included as day chair, desk chair, *dining edition
**available custom Colors (+4 weeks weeks)

evo Seeks “Craftsmanship & Style”

*evo SUITES® uses %100 real teak wood
* ultra spec engineered wood + responsible sourcing

Ultra Comfort is Key


Style is Key


Unique Designs


Ultimate Sleeping Comfort in every evo

Some Key Standard Features & Options You Will Find in evo Suites®

  • Smart Air Flow Building Design  *Limit AC Usage + Smart LED Lighting
  • Hidden Compartments & Storage Spaces / Cabinets  & Guest “Sofa Beds” (Hide-a-Beds)
  • USB & International / Universal power Plug + Water Filtration tap water system

evo uses & sourced *smart low wattage appliances like LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter Split AC units70 Percent more efficient 40 percent more cooler with variable watt control perfect for solar powered homes. Ultra minimal noise pollution, “weatherproof” outdoor  inverter /compressor & indoor air flow unit.  Built in double air purifier with ionizer in all evo units. ThinQ Home Control Feature.

Bringing New Intelligence to Connected Living with Smart ThinkQ®

V-KOOL® *Spectrally Selective (FG) Series Building window cooling film & HUPER OPTIK® sun reflective Windows coating.

  • *Protect furniture from UV Fading
  • *Reduce Infra-red (heat) Build-up
  • *Lowers Energy Costs
  • *High Visible Light Transmission
  • *Privacy Protection

REC SOLAR® roof mount panels installed on all units. *(Hybrid Design)

* Offgrid Units / models are Installed with Solar reserve power banks provided by either LG Chemical, Enphase Power Systems, Growatt & evo Power back-up systems.

Why use Solar panels on every evo?

  • There are areas which power lines can’t reach. Solar Panels can.
  • When using Solar Panels, less pollution occurs.
  • Solar Panel Construction is much more affordable and safer than laying the required high voltage wires.
  • Using Solar Panels can result in a Tax Credit.
  • Energy from Solar Panels produces little to no noise.
  • Very little maintenance is required when operating Solar Panels

3M® Water Filtration *tapside counter water system * Include in Luxury Editions and Optional

2 Stage Filter System from Ground or Well water included in the Prestige Models, Plus Models

  1. Laptop & Document Safe in every evo
  2. Fire extinguishers in every evo SUITE®
  3. ENTRANCE CCTV installed in every evo

What is not Included in
an evo SUITES® Standard Purchase

evo Price List

*EPL / evo SUITES® include a 5/10 year workmanship & Design Warranty”

“Delivery and seamless Fast-assembly”

Production/ Unit Serial Numbers & Tracking Plate

*on every unit delivery to Track Warranty & Production,  Order Specification. eg, “evo 1” #E11115.19.100102S1 #E11115.19.100103S1  #E11115.19.100104S1      #E11115.19.100105S1    #E11115.19.100106S1   #…107S1,   #…108S1,   #…1009S1  #…1010S1,   #…1011S1,   #..1012S1 ,   #… 1013S1, #…1014S1,  #… 1015S1,   #…1016S1,   #…1017S1   #…1018S1   #…1019S1

Assembly on Site


Payment & Order Process

evo Models e-Brochures