evo B SERIES by evo SUITES®



Seeking Adventure Anywhere©

Sun Powered
24hrs Self Assembly
Inspired by the BROMPTON

Key Fit-Out Partners

Key Features

  • Ultra Fast Assembly & Expandable @ 2/3 day Assemble Time, and totally Relocatable.
  • The NOMADER ~ Inspired by the ease & flexibility of the Folding Bicycle assembled with the utmost quality using weather resistant HD steel alloys,  aluminum framing, extra tough UPVC components with stainless steel finishing for a recreational accommodation pad with a luxury finish.
  • Non-permanent, Semi-permanent, Permanent configuration ready
  • All weather – Ultra Strong Reinforced Paneling & Framing, Ceilings, Walls and insulated Floors to ensure a long lifespan
  • Hybrid Solar Power *100 Percent Off-Grid option available
  • 22-26 sqm Expandable *sizing options with additional features
  • Disassemble & Relocate Design with a patented “Wall Panel Tension System”
  • 10/5 year materials/ Craftsmanship Warranty

Additional Features

  • Semi Furnished & Airbnb ready
  • Minimalist living design & smart architecture, a eco bio-wood interior finish
  • Insulation, Sound Proofing & Acoustically Perfect, Optional UPVC Window frames & Sliding doors for additional sound insulation & seaside anti-corrosive protection.
  • Natural Airflow design, natural lighting, hidden spaces, Smart bed w/ storage, pantry
  • Power smart LED lighting, sliding privacy bathroom wall door
  • Patented Solar Reflective Exterior & Thermal insulated Interiors
  • No heavy equipment assembly, self sealing wall assembly
  • Sustainable sourcing & construction
  • Safely & Securely *self assembly.

Exclusive Features

  • Exterior Structure utilizing Colorbond© by Bluescope a ultra advanced durable coating & Galvanized protective steel skin for strength & longevity
  • Includes Smart Light Flip Bed System; **Choose your firmness
  • German designed *Hittech soft close drawers & cabinets
  • Built in bike smart-store for folding bike
  • Mountain / Road bike wall racks *option
  • Smartphone controls, monitoring & surveillance options
  • Termite & rot fungus proof for wet tropical / mountain weather
  • Bio-wood & Stainless Steel Sun shade Louvers, adjustable. **Aluminum sun Blades optional * Blackout louver system available with additional sun shade blades installed..

HD reinforced coated steel floor foundation system & aluminum “NUT & BOLT” framing, corrosion resident components for a high quality finish.

* Interior wall panels are a mat white finish, Upgradable to a Japanese Cedar, Canadian Pine, Makassar, Dark Teak Bio-wood Paneling for additional insulation and soundproofing and ultimate luxury feel & finish.

Spec & Details

  • Size & Base 6m L x 2.5m W Meters, + bathroom area 2m x 3.8m x 1.2m
  • Ceiling Height: 2.5 Meters
  • Weight @ 1.9 Tons
  • 2/ 3 Day Assembly & Installations
  • 5/10 year workmanship & Design Warranty see link for warranty coverage. More on warranty
  • Pricing: refer to online pricelist or inquire for more details
  • *Available for order after Sept 1, 2022
  • *Customization is available based on minimum order of 4
  • evo and its project partners strive for Recyclable & Ethical sourcing of Building material
  • Interior paneling and exterior sun panels endorsements
  • Outdoor Flooring endorsement
*Copyrights PT EPL / evo SUITES® has no relation to the bike company, our founder & partner are passionate Brompton bike owners and avid cyclists, outdoorsmen and simply admire the exceptional quality & craftsmanship of the Brompton bicycle.

Options & Upgrades

  • Optional marine grade STAINLESS components for seaside assembly.
  • Double Tempered Glass windows for extreme weather applications.
  • A Full Light Blackout 180 rotation for Bio-wood / Stainless Steel Sun shade Louvers *Aluminum blade option , with an additional 10 Vertical louvers added.
  • Smart Electronics Package with connectivity & remote monitoring.
  • Complete OFF-GRID Solar electric edition with 48 Hour Lithium Back-up & eco above ground septic storage & water purification.
    Off Grid Solar Electrician Edition