With options & colors to choose from


eVO uses & sourced *smart low wattage appliances like LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter Split AC units.  70 Percent more efficient 40 percent more cooler with variable watt control perfect for solar powered homes. Ultra minimal noise pollution, “weatherproof” outdoor  inverter /compressor & indoor air flow unit.  Built in double air purifier with ionizer in all evo units. ThinQ Home Control Feature

Not Included

**General Landscape layout suggestion per evo: Large rectangular stone Stone walkway grey or black, or white stone or concrete slabs, for under unit medium to large stone(s) underlay for easy water runoff and a more zen/eden appearance, (*see show units images) 4 large plants, 4 mini trees, 5-8 bush plants, water and rain runoff gutter, Hidden water and electric lines that can be rolled away if needed depending if ON-GRID, or OFF-Grid placement /configuration

Pricing does not include plot / area landscaping
* Stone underlay is provided to limit water run-off if landscaping is slated to be installed in 10 days or more after installing an “evo” unit.
** Client provides as its personal to each buyer.
** Slope & hill installations require a “cut & fill” to make plot level by owner/purchaser to minimize difficult assembly & installations

Pricing does not include Soil & Water test

  • *consultation can be provided
  • * For Liability reasons
  • * water test can be provided by 3M water filter contractor and or Starfish Bali
  • *or by purchaser or your local builder/landscaper
  • * Corrosion to bathroom & kitchen fixtures, chrome plating is not covered by warranty due to water quality.
  • * seaside or remote locations may contain salt or hard water.
  • IMB & Building Permits are not always necessary on temporary projects /builds or prefab knock-down relocation projects/ housing as what is the “evo suites” building philosophy
  • Injury or onsite assembly accidents to persons including damage/breakage/ loss of equipment or components is not covered by EPL / evo suites or its suppliers
  • Worker’s Injury claim, site accidents are under owner or contractors / subcontractors responsibility and supervision.
  • Equipment & all evo components delivered are carefully packed and checklisted before shipping to destination/client and a delivery checklist must be completed by receiver and client to verify and crosscheck.