Service & Warranty for your evo SUITES®

Looking for your serial number?

evo “Serial number & tracking plate” can be found close to the staircase under the mainframe support and secondary plate in the electrical / storage room storage room on the left wall close to the AC Inverter.
Warranty & Tracking plates can be placed in locations other than noted by installer or by client request.

Warranty Stipulation in every Purchase Contract

  • Structural Defect Warranty for 25 years.
  • Solar Panels Defect Warranty 25 years
  • Roof & Foundation Support 15 years *Ocean climate requires proper maintenance.
  • Misc Materials, moving parts and Labor/assembly Service Warranty for 3 year.
  • Mechanical Systems Warranty for 3 years.
  • LG Electronics & Other Electronics Warranty carry maximum 3 Years / 10 years on AC Inverter
  • Electrolux Electronics Warranty 3 years
  • TOTO Bathroom Fixtures carry Warranty for 5 years
  • Building Envelope/ Exterior paneling Warranty for 10 years.
  • Aluminium / PVC Sliding Doors & Window Frames 8/5 years *Weather Seals & maintenance is the owner’s responsibility.
  • Solar inverters, Converters are 3 years from date of delivery longer up to 5 years if stated in the purchase agreement.
  • Lithium Energy Storage batteries are 5 years with a life expectancy of 10-15 years, *10 years if stated in purchase agreement
  • Sealed Lead ACID/ AGM batteries are 3 years from date of purchase, ** Owner abuse/upkeep will show in the service or replacement of these batteries, if batteries are drained constantly more than 50 percent capacity, life expectancy is estimated up to 3 years, if managed properly can perform up to 5-8 years.
    *as noted in your purchase order, More Details stated in purchase order.
  • * poor Maintenance, repairs and upkeep , water Corrosion/ damage, equipment breakage, natural disaster damage is not covered.

What is not Included in a evo Standard Purchase

  1. Personalized Landscaping **General Landscape layout suggestion per evo: Large rectangular stone Stone walkway grey or black, or white stone or concrete slabs, for under unit medium to large stone(s) underlay for easy water runoff and a more zen/eden appearance, (*see show units images) 4 large plants, 4 mini trees, 5-8 bush plants, water and rain runoff gutter, Hidden water and electric lines that can be rolled away if needed depending if ON-GRID, or OFF-Grid placement / configuration
  2. Soil Test / Land survey
  3. Water / Well water test
  4. IMB / Building Permits / Licences *
  5. Injury or onsite assembly accidents to persons including damage/breakage to equipment or components is not covered by EPL / evo SUITES® or its suppliers


  • Pricing does not include Soil & Water test *consultation can be provided
    • * For Liability reasons
    • * water test can be provided by 3M water filter installer/ contractor and or Starfish Bali *or by purchaser or your local builder/landscaper
    • * Corrosion to bathroom & kitchen fixtures, chrome plating is not covered by warranty due to water quality. * seaside or remote locations may contain salt or hard water.
  • Pricing does not include plot / area landscaping * Stone underlay is provided to limit water run-off if landscaping is slated to be installed in 10 days or more after installing an evo unit.
    • ** Client provides as its personal to each buyer.
    • ** Slope & hill installations require a “cut & fill” to make plot level by owner/purchaser to minimize difficult assembly & Installation
  • IMB & Building Permits are not always necessary on temporary projects /builds or prefab knock-down relocation projects/ housing as what is the evo SUITES® building philosophy
  • Worker’s Injury claim, site accidents are under owner or contractors / subcontractors responsibility and supervision.
  • Equipment & all evo components delivered are carefully packed and checklisted before shipping to destination/client and a delivery checklist must be completed by receiver and client to verify and crosscheck.

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