Relocatable & Permanent Hybrid Prefab Modular - Resort Solution

Creating The Next Generation Minimalist
Flexible Cabin & resort Solutions


"Assemble Dissemble"

Concepted by two world travelers from Canada & Malaysia. Thoughtfully designed minimalist Hybrid Prefab/Modular cabins, recreational & resort villas and homes move-in ready, complete with modern Scandinavian design furnishing, solar day power, off-grid ready, and built-in optional water filtration systems.

Advanced Home Technology, smart TV’s, AC’s, thermostats to keyless locks. Smart sensor lighting & dimmers throughout. Built on the foundation of sustainable design & construction to ethical maintenance free upkeep. Designs to meet the lifestyle aspirations of today whilst building in mind the environmental sustainability for generations to come.

Our Advantage:

  • *Ready Off Plan preDesigned units delivered & Installed in 60 days or less from order date
  • evo SUITES® are hand assembled & disassembled on site pollution free
  • We co-design, assemble, suppy hybrid prefab /modular homes, Cabins, suites in Bali, Indonesia Kuching, Malaysia, and soon Vancouver, BC, and Hakuba, Japan.
  • Controlling the ownership process allows us to be flexible and responsive to the needs of you or your company, partners, family in the most effective and efficient way possible.
  • *Limited 10 Year Building & Workmanship warranty
  • *Can be delivered anywhere in South East Asia, North America Relocatable, ”Assemble Disassemble” Anywhere is Possibly
  • evo SUITES® & eVOLUTION SUITES® are for personal & recreational property enjoyment , and Airbnb / Resort ready in a short period of time.

evo SUITES® Quality Craftsmanship
“Backed with a 10 year warranty"

  • *evo 1, evo 2, evo 3, evo 4. *Aerospace grade aluminium framing & structure support.
  • Components & Materials
  • What’s Included in evo Suites
  • evo Sustainability
  • Why is Solar in every evo roof
  • Delivery & Client Services

On-site Assembly

evo 1

Assemble timeline: 16/18 days

evo 1 Panorama

Assemble timeline: 18/ 22 days

evo 2

Assemble timeline: 24/28 days

evo 3

Assemble timeline: 28/31 days

evo 4

Assemble timeline: 30/34 days

evo B series


Assemble timeline: 2/3 days


Revealing Soon

Performance, Integrity & Lifespan

Why Prefab or Modular Construction?

Time Efficient - Flexible Housing - Affordable

Transportable * Relocatable

Sustainable Practice - Assembled & “Built by Hand”

*Zero On-Site Construction Pollution

Short term land lease/ rental, Recreational use

Fast ROI for Investment projects, Resorts, hotels, Airbnb

Collaborating with Innovative
Leading Brands

"Assemble Dissemble"

evo Precision

Standardized Precision Quality & Design
Each Suite / Unit is divided into 2,000 – 3,000  components and standardized through (BIM). Building Information Modeling intelligent 3D model-based process to architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals for a more efficient plan, design, assembly, and building management. 

Why do we use honeycomb structure & paneling?
Honeycomb refers to a hexagonal design structure used to strengthen flat or slightly curved panels, cores and other construction materials. Reinforced with Aluminum.

Why is Honeycomb so strong?
Based on the shape used in honey bee nests, the honeycomb design/shape provides an exceptional combination of strength & efficiency, while drastically reducing the weight of the component.